Halloween is right around the corner. If you've been procrastinating or didn't go to ComiCon, finding a costume will be a bit a challenge. Most package deals are constantly being sold out online and often, they're not useful after the holiday is over. Why have a teenage mutant ninja turtle costume consume 90 percent of your closet space? So here are a couple ideas to get the creative juices flowing that just involve clothes and the occasional accessory. 

Boy Scout or Madonna: Mix and match navy or khaki shorts and a shirt. Throw on a yellow, red, or blue bandana and you're ready to go. 


Lifeguard: All you need are red shorts and some sunscreen on your nose. A copy of Baywatch 2017 from the $5 DVD bin is optional. 


Mystery Incorporated: A green v-neck shirt and brown pants makes an easy Shaggy costume while a white long-sleeved shirt, blue collared shirt, blue jeans, and an orange bandana serves up Fred realness. Or pull a gender bender as Velma and Daphne. Bonus points if you have a dog. 


Lumberjack: It's as easy as buying a flannel or living in Brooklyn. 

west hollywood halloween carnaval lumberjack.jpg

Adam and Adam: A craft store will have some fake leaves on a fine and hot glue. All you need to do is arrange them to cover your junk 


John Wick: A solid black suit ensemble and a stuff dog prop. Add a few fake scratches for extra effect. 


Logan: A dirty white shirt with a suit jacket or a bloody white tank-top and a jean jacket. Bonus points for a beard and a cigar. 


Get a mask or a themed shirt, add a jockstrap or boyshorts and you've instantly sexualized any character.  Or find a character that's already rocking the skimpies, like a circuit queen or Archer trying to seduce a fellow agent.