If you don't know already, the town of Hell, Michigan, had a mayor who was very anti-straight. Yup, anti-straight, no hetero, down with the baby-makers. Elijah Daniel, a social media influencer and YouTube personality, caused an uproar on the Internet with his new law. However, it passed over many people's heads that Daniel's "double standard" in banning all heterosexuals from entering the town and forcing current heterosexual residents to pay a fine was really a satirical jab at the rhetoric used against homosexual and Muslim counterparts.  Daniel is gay himself and bought his mayoral status to complete the comedic stunt. He has since been impeached since Hell, Michigan, elects a new mayor every 24 hours. 

Unfortunately for Hell, Michigan, this isn't the first time crazy bans on straight people have occurred. 

In 2015, Ireland's government had to scramble for a rewrite of their same-sex marriage legislation after concerns over verbiage arose. The original law read (with translation), "A couple may, whether they are men or women, make a contract of marriage in accordance with law." The plural use of "men" and "women" was interpreted to be that only same-sex couples could form a legal marriage contract. Essentially, straight couples couldn't be married anymore. The language of the bill has been changed and later in 2015, Ireland became the first country to legalize gay marriage by popular vote.